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My first day volunteering with Big Cats

When arriving at the cat garden on my first day I met the team and they explained the rules

when you are with the cats. I arrived with Emily and we are both immediately thrown into

the action of the cat garden.

We were shown how to cut the chicken for the cats breakfast. We watched the experienced

volunteers feed the lions and Tiger before they let us in to feed the leopards as they are

calmer whilst feeding. They eat so softly.

After the feeding we walked into the jungle with Rosie. It’s amazing to see a tiger walk on a

lead and she understood the voice commands given to her. After we walked the smaller of

the lions, Lilly and Sakoura and gave one of them a bath. Lilly loved her bath, she looked so


We cleaned all the cages and then went in to play with the felines. It was incredible, the

leopards are so fast and agile.

At lunch time all the volunteers met at the restaurant and enjoyed papaya salad and ice


After lunch we played with the cats some more and some customers came who had a

package which included assisting the experienced volunteers with walking Rosie.

The cats are very nice and calm when walking and always calm with customers. however the cats do like to test you but they are never aggressive. After we made toys for the cats out of hay and elephants poo. The cats absolutely treasured the elephants poo. I feel it wakes up their wild instincts.

Towards the middle of the afternoon we cleaned the rescue cats enclosures that took

around an hour which included sweeping and scrubbing the floors and water bowls. Once

the cats enclosures are clean, we feed them.

At 1700 the cats are locked away for the night and our work is done.

My first day is interesting, I learnt about how each cat interacts with the volunteers and how

to care for them. I always feel safe with cats and I’m waiting patiently for my upcoming